Menlo Roundtable
'Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair' -- George Washington

Issue 18: Spring 2014
Lexi Van Ligten '15,
"An Environment for Living Art" PDF
Art History, Rebecca Gertmenian, Spring 2014
Kamakshi Bhargava '15,
"Law of Neutrality" PDF
Sophomore English, Megan Downey, Spring 2014
Amanda McFarland '14,
"Anderson's Transcendentalism" PDF
AP American Lit , Vicky Greenbaum, Spring 2013
Eric Miller '13,
"Nixon's Strategy, Kennedy's Trap: Why Nixon Did Not Address Religon in the 1960 Presidential Campaign" PDF
APUSH, Dr. Charles Hanson, Spring 2012
Kelsey Flower '14,
"Checkmate: How Political Maneuvering Caused the Failure of the Boston Police Strike of 1919" PDF
APUSH, Dr. Charles Hanson, Spring 2013
Manny Walton '13 and Michael Machlin '13,
"Willem Dafoe Kart: The Electric Go-Kart" PDF

Applied Science Research, Dr. James Dann, Spring 2013

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