Menlo Roundtable
'Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair' -- George Washington

Issue 2: Winter 2009
Abram St. Amand Poliakoff '09
"The Smithy of the Soul,"
Modern Writers, Vicky Greenbaum, 2008
Isabel Greenfield '08,
"Modern Morality,"
Philosophy, Jack Bowen, 2008
Emily Abraham '08,
"The Feasibility of Biofuels in the United States,"
Environmental Science, Mark Abruzzese, 2008
Casey Finch '09,
"A Switch in Time that Saved Nine,"
AP United States History, Nancy McPhaul, 2008
Natalie Johnson '09,
"The New 'Democracy',"
AP United States History, Charles Hanson, 2008
Daniel Fremont, Jay Baxter and Andrew Kim '09,
"Outside-Field Brushless DC Motor,"
Applied Science Research, James Dann, 2008
Amy Ousterhout et al., '09,
"Atmospheric Science Experiments,"
Applied Science Research, James Dann, 2008
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