Menlo Roundtable
'Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair' -- George Washington

Issue 21: Spring 2015
Alice Shaw '15,
"A Realistic Ending to a Realistic Commentary on Realistic Events" PDF
American Rebels Elective, Cara Plamondon, Fall 2014
Eric Luxenberg '15,
"How to be Human: Deconstrucint Idenitity, Freedom, and Gender in Beloved" PDF
Honors Modern Writers Class, Vicky Greenbum, Fall 2014
Miles Fowler '15,
"Is Race-Based Affirmative Action Solving the Problem it Intended to Solve?" PDF
Ideology, Peter Brown, Fall 2014
Allie Miller '15,
"The Mann Act: The Protection of Women from Abusive Men" PDF
APUSH, Dr. Charles Hanson, Spring 2014
Elana Shen '15,
"A Half-Baked Solution to a Difficult Problem: The Troubled Legacy of the Indian Child Welfare Act" PDF
APUSH, Dr. Charles Hanson, Spring 2014
Nikhil Bhatia '15,
"Building a Thermoelectric Generator System" PDF

Advanced Science Research, Dr. James Dann, Spring 2014

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