Menlo Roundtable
'Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair' -- George Washington

Issue 26: Spring 2017
Jane Zafran '18,
"Never To be Decayed: A Study of "The Simplon Pass" by William Wordsworth" PDF
AP English Literature, Maren Adler, Spring 2017
Kira Sze  '16,
"How Students Think About Learning: Growth Mindset in International Contexts" PDF
Global Scholars Research, Peter Brown, Spring 2016
Lauren Chan  '17,
"Faith, Family, and Feminism: Why the Silent Majority Broke their Silence to Oppose the Equal Rights Amendment" PDF
APUSH,  Charles Wetherell, Spring 2016
Claire McFarland  '17,
"Dark Rose in a Drought: The Importance of Guns to the Black Panther Party" PDF
APUSH, Dr. Charles Hanson, Spring 2016
Hailey Hodge  '16,
"Solar Powered UV Water Purification System" PDF
Applied Science Research, Dr. James Dann, Spring 2016
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