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Amy Ousterhout '09, et al.

Atmospheric Science Experiments

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Applied Science Research
Dr. James Dann
Fall 2008

The Project:
In Applied Science Research [ASR], one of the first semester projects is to design a balloon launch experiment. The payload contains a data acquisition system that can fit various sensors. This is a chance for students to work as a team in order to design their own experiment under real life circumstances. In this case, “real life” mean that how well the launch day goes and the quality of their data is determined by attention to detail, the thinking that goes into the design, and the experimenters’ knowledge of the equipment and atmosphere.

From her nomination:
The most important person on each team is the project leader. This is a tough position because the student has to understand everyone else's job (from the quality control to the experimental design and theory) as well as managing the timing of it all (the launch date is set far in advance). Amy was tenacious and relentless in accomplishing the task at hand and in keeping everyone on task and on time. She was also very fair and very helpful to the team. Quite simply, Amy showed herself to be a great leader. The team clearly appreciated her leadership as everyone rose up to do superlative work. The project leader is also the person ultimately responsible for the quality of the data analysis and the paper itself. As the reader can attest, this paper is of the highest caliber.