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Casey Finch '09

A Switch in Time that Saved Nine

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AP US History
Ms. Nancy McPhaul
Spring 2008

The Project:
Advanced Placement United States History [APUSH] requires all students to write an independent research paper. The paper itself is a major part, but only a part, of the nearly year-long research project. Once the student settles on a viable topic and a specific research question in the fall, a series of assignments require him or her to unearth both relevant primary documents and instances of professional historians who disagree over their own answers to the research question. The paper itself is due in March, but students continue to refine their arguments until APUSH Lecture Night, in May, when they deliver public lectures on their research findings.

From her nomination:
I was first impressed by Casey's thorough research. Her bibliography of both primary and secondary sources was extensive. Then she was able to pull together a cohesive argument from all her reading. It was evident throughout her paper that she carefully considered the evidence and perspectives on an important issue in American history.