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Daniel Fremont '09, et al.

Design, Construction, and Testing of an Outside-Field Brushless DC Motor

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Applied Science Research
Dr. James Dann
Fall 2008

In Applied Science Research [ASR], one of the set projects is to design and build an electric motor from raw materials. Students learn about electric circuits and the physics of motors and generators as well as basic building skills like soldering and design with CAD drawings. Students design their motors for either maximum rpm or maximum torque. Daniel, along with his partners Jay Baxter and Andrew Kim, designed his motor for maximum torque, eventually settling on a 4-phase, 2-pole brushless electric motor.

What was so impressive about Daniel's work was the circuit he designed to do the switching. He used Hall sensors and power transistors to do the switching. It took quite a bit of effort to design his circuit, assemble the right components and debug it. The knowledge Daniel gained from building this circuit he has gladly passed on throughout the year by teaching other students how to use various Hall sensors and transistor circuits. The paper, as the reader can see for him or herself, explains his motor in great detail and is a true pleasure to read.